Beneficiary Country Team


Leyla Mammadova, deputy of AKIA Chairman, is the new BC Project Leader and acts as the counterpart of the MSs Project Leaders and ensures close co-operation the overall steering and co-ordination of the project.


Shahriyar Seyfalili is a head of sector in the Department on State Support to Agriculture in AKIA and acts as a RTA counterpart in all the twinning activities.

Twinning Office

Address: c/o Agency for Agro Credit and Development (AKIA) Ahmad Rajabli 329-339, Chinar Park, (Bina 1, 5th floor, room 14),Baku, Azerbaijan

Telephone: -

RTA - Riccardo Passero

RTA Assistant - Diliara Agajeva

Language Assistant – Mirsajjad Mirizada